Cincinnati's Westside Nursery and Garden Center

Great things come in small packages, not big boxes. You put a lot of care into planning and caring for your lawn and garden. You should trust a Garden Center that puts just as much care into selecting the best seed, plants, fertilizer, soil and gardening supplies. Schwab Nursery & Garden Center is an institution on the west side of Cincinnati. Schwab as been supplying high quality Vegetable Seedlings, Herbs, Feature and Bedding Plants as well as one of the largest selections of Bagged and Bulk Mulch, Topsoil, Fertilizer and Lawn Chemicals in the area since 1947. Go with a name you trust. Avoid the big boxes stores and get the friendly personal attention you need to make your lawn and garden the talk of the neighborhood this year and enjoy the fruits of your hard work all season long.

If you need new equipment or service to keep your lawn mower, tiller, trimer, chainsaw or other outdoor power equipment running its best all season long...turn to Schwab's Outdoor Power Equipment.

For A healthy spring lawn don't forget to put down Ferti-Lome Winterizer this Fall between
Nov 15th & Dec 15th

Fertilizer and Lawn Care Experts
Schwab Nursery and Garden Center is the destination for those serious about lawn care. We sell quality Feri-lome and Hi-Yield products. When the big box stores have questions about lawn care they call us. Save your time and money, stop by Schwab first.
Schwab Nursery & Garden Center | 3478 Ebenezer Rd Cincinnati, OH 45248 | (513) 574-0020 | Hours and Map
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